How to Become Cyber Stalked by Terri Reid in Ten Easy Steps

How to Become Cyber Stalked by Terri Reid in Ten Easy Steps

It really is quite simple. Let me break it down:
1) Become intimate with Mary O’Reilly
2) Decide to write about Terri and her wonderful books
3) Conceive of the notion that you can put together an anthology with a bunch of great authors
4) Ponder asking Terri to participate
5) Have a panic attack while writing Terri an email asking her to participate
6) Jump for joy when she agrees to participate, bump your head and make a mental note not to jump quite so high next time
7) Read her short More than Friends and know you are super blessed by her submission
8) Decide to offer ARC’s in exchange for honest reviews
9) Mention to Terri Reid that her loyal follows may have ARC’s of Vampires Romance to Rippers an Anthology of Tasty Stories in exchange for honest reviews
10) Do nothing, soon Terri will send you a gazillion emails, thus technically cyber stalking you, making you feel honored and blessed that she agreed to participate in this little project with each new email you receive