Airplanes on fire, Dimash, Alpha Obsession Book Club & New Releases. Oh my!

Recently, I fell asleep on the plane coming home from a London concert and woke up to people screaming the plane’s on fire as black smoke billowed from the engine and chemical fumes filled the plane.

Fortunately, we were taxiing for takeoff and still on the ground. But, before I boarded that plane I was flagged by security and bomb tested. Oh, and security guy that bomb tested me and my stuff for chemicals was a frumpy grumpy old man with bad breath. Lol

We sat on the plane two hours, before we were told there was a problem with the pilot’s headset and we had to disembark. Two more hours later, I am back in line to board… can you guess what happened? I was again pulled out of line and bomb tested! Oh, the life of a writer and all the crazy things we google surely ended me up in this Ground Hog Day nightmare.

FYI, going to London, the plane to JFK circled for half an hour because all the runways were closed. Our pilot, a true warrior basically said,”well I told Air Traffic Control clean me off a run way or I’ll circle until I run out of fuel and put her down at JFK the hard way. Needless to say they’re cleaning us off a runway.” Total bad ass!

People were screaming as we landed because of the choppy water. They thought we were crashing into the river. I knew the runways at JFK run through the water, so I wasn’t worried about that, rather my thoughts went to sliding off the end of the runway. But our pilot was really good we skidded a few times, but he stopped before the end. All this crap happened within six days. Two airports with emergency vehicles all along the side of our planes was surreal.

I have an idea, maybe I should turn it into a story. What do you think?
So, I guess the plot goes like this:

Sexy pilot guy does a super hero landing during a snowstorm. Now most of us are stranded at the airport bar as everyone crowds around hearing stories of near misses and heroic landings from the pilot. I sit in the corner away from the crowd, but sexy pilot guy kept glancing my way. The next morning the snow still hadn’t let up. the car rental shop only had one car left both sexy pilot and I agree to share…

In reality, with my luck, I’d be stuck at the bar and in a car with frumpy grumpy bad breath bomb security guy. 😀

Was the trip worth it? You betcha! I saw a great friend while in London, the concert was outstanding and I got to party with the band after. I stayed up all night and rushed to my flight…the engine on fire flight. I’ll tell you more about my London trip and our private view at the Louvre from Angelina’s restaurant in Paris next time.

Three things checked off the bucket list: Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and seeing Dimash in concert with Andrew, Ryan and G’Man…priceless.

Check out Dimash on Youtube, a new singer with a six-octave range. Let me know what you think. 🙂
Dimash’ Official YouTube Channel

Dimash singing his heart out in London.

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Dimash on Instagram

The drummer GMan and me.

GMan and me

Andrew Moore and me. Love the hair! (His, not mine)
Dimash Andrew &Me

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Andrew on Instagram

Dimash and me.
dimash and me
I looked like the cat that ate the canary!

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Born of Fire to please Adam, Lilith is not satisfied with one man, especially one telling her what to do and what to think.
After she meets Lucifer the shifter, Mercy the Bringer of Light and Balance and the Original Reaper the Archangel Samuel, she knows she must be free to live and love as she pleases.

But Adam has other plans. He’s hell bent on destroying Lilith’s paradise and devises a sinister ploy to force her to submit to his will.

Faced with a terrible choice, Lilith must endure the wrath of the Creator and outsmart Adam in order to live happily with her lovers or lose them forever.

The Dark Pines Pride: The Complete Series (Fierce Mates: Dark Pines Pride) Kindle Edition
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Free book, pre-order and new releases from the Queens of RH

As Hurricane Michael pummels Florida I am sitting safely in a small Midwestern town far away from home. Fortunately for me everyone in my family and their homes made it through the storm unscathed. But, the storm surge hasn’t hit yet so we are still holding our breathe.

It’s times like these that reminds most of us what we are grateful for, and I can say with certainty, I am grateful for my subscribers… all of you!

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Born of Fire to please Adam, Lilith was not satisfied with one man, especially one telling her what to do and what to think. After she meets the original reaper, the Archangel Samuel, she knows she must be free to live and love as she pleases.

Aided by Mercy, the Bringer of Light, and Lucifer, the shapeshifter, Lilith attempts to escape and live in peace with her harem of lovers.

But Adam has other plans. Will he succeed in destroying Lilith’s paradise? Will Lilith’s lovers be able to survive the wrath of the Creator and live with the consequences of her forbidden love?

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I have been called many names in my long life.
Kali. Hel. Santa Muerta. To the Cabal, I am simply Immortelle.
As the daughter of Nyx and sister to the Furies, I was used to being an ever-living weapon to the Powers That Be that run the Cabal.

As the mistress to War, Death gloried in the carnage I wrought as I danced with Mischief and Strife. Until one day, I fell in love with a mortal human who called me by other names. Lover. Partner. Wife. He gifted me with love and peace, and I thought I could be happy. And then too soon, he died. I mourned his death for one year and one day. On the next day, they came for me. Like I knew they would. War. Death. Mischief. Strife.
Except they didn’t come to recruit me back. They came to tell me how my husband truly died. Now, I have taken on another name… an older name… one that I hadn’t worn in a long, long time…




Dark. Gripping. Sci-fi/Paranormal Romance.

There’s a place from my nightmares. A place where bad things hide.

The memories kept me awake for most of my life. But it’s not what keeps me awake anymore. It’s her. She calls me, desperate and pleading. Like a shining star I can’t quite find. I feel those men from my nightmares coming for her. Only she can’t sense them—she can’t see.

Not the past.

Or the future…unlike me. Until one day as I stood in a doorway in the barren wasteland in Afghanistan with my squad at my back…my star dimmed, and sputtered out. I have two holes in my chest now. One which bears her name. I have to find her. I pray I’m not too late. First I have to find the others, two more guys like me. Together we seek a North Star. One we were born half in love with.Leading us back home. Without ever knowing we were lost at all.



dark fire

A secret guild. Three irresistible guardians. A sinister evil out to get her.

Bearing the tattoo of a snake on her wrist says Luna was born into the Serpent Brotherhood; a sinister organisation that abuse supernatural creatures to harness their power. Problem is she has no memory of that life, and rumour has it no one leaves alive. That might explain why she and her family have been on the run for as long as she can remember.

When the demon who murdered her parents returns to finish her, shit gets real. Like all her past coming back to haunt her. Assigned three guardians, Luna must navigate the strange, new world of the Guild of Shadows to unlock the mystery. If only she can keep her head in the game, and not let her sexy companions distract her.

Darkfire is Book 1 in the Guild of Shadows Series and is a slow-burn reverse harem with steamy scenes.


goldie locks

Three handsome dragon shifters. A fugitive on the run. Will it lead to true love, or true ruin?
Marigold escapes prison for a crime she didn’t commit and becomes a wanted woman. With bear shifter enforcers on her tail, she needs sanctuary—fast.
When she seeks refuge in the house of three sexy dragon shifters, she has to use every feminine wile in her arsenal to gain their trust.
But a greater evil approaches, threatening the lives of both her and her mates.

Goldie Locks and the Three Dragons


a song in the night

reams and reality twine in TEMPTED KINGDOM, a steamy new fantasy for fans of fractured fairytales and gothic romance.
She is the key to their escape, and they are the key to her survival…
When vagabond and criminal-on-the run Saylor Greyson boards a bus to Los Angeles, she doesn’t expect to crash land in a coffin in a world she thought only existed in the pages of fairytales. A world of astonishing magic, deadly curses, and a vast kingdom… that’s all hers. If she can just remember it.
It turns out that everything Saylor has ever known about Earth was an elaborate dream– except for her knack for seduction, the illicit power that sent her running in the first place.
With time running out, Saylor will need the help of her not one, but five super hot watchmen…. watchmen with questionable loyalties who are conveniently immune to her siren superpowers. Each of these men may have had a part to play in the dream of the life she knew, and Saylor suspects that tangling with them might be the only way to untangle her fabricated identity from the one she must remember if she hopes to break her curse, escape the tower, and…you know… live happily ever after.
A fresh mashup of classic fairytales and Greek mythology, the world of TEMPTED KINGDOM will thrill with its twists and turns– and one headstrong heroine at the helm!

A Song in the Night


dragon equinox

The Haven is consumed by war. The Source has been compromised. Only Numa, an immortal dragon, can turn the tide of battle.

As their ancient enemy brings destruction to their doorstep, the higher races must take drastic measures to stop her once and for all. Numa, the only immortal dragon who remains unmated, is the only one among them who can wield the power necessary to open a portal and usher in their armies, and their last hope.

She’ll need a partner, one powerful enough to handle the taxing nature of the ritual. Unfortunately, Fate has not made this an easy task.

With no dreams of her soul mates to guide her, Numa has been made a prize in a contest that will attract immortal heroes and legendary gods. Whosoever wins shall have her as their partner, leaving little room for love.

Unless she happens to fall for all five men at once, of course.

To defy Fate’s design might bring annihilation to her people, but what is a dragon to do when faced with an impossible choice? And can the last of Fate’s daughters truly find love in a time of war?

Dragon Equinox

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Queens of RH: Marissa Farrar Interview

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Through a Dragon’s Eyes
With a Dragon’s Heart
I had the pleasure to ask Marissa some probing interview questions and her answers are fascinating.
Marissa Farrar has always been in love with being in love. But since she’s been married for many years and has three young daughters, she’s conducted her love affairs with multiple gorgeous men of the fictional persuasion.

The author of more than thirty novels and numerous short stories, she has been a full time author for the last six years. She predominantly writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but has branched into contemporary fiction as well.

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you first get into writing?
I’ve been writing since I was a child, but I only started to take it seriously after I’d finished my Zoology degree and realized I’d spent most of my degree writing stories.

If you didn’t write, ideally would you do for work?
I’d probably want to be a vet or do something else with animals – hence my Zoology degree.

Does your family support your career as a writer?
Yes, very much so. It was a little rocky at first as I was putting so much time into it, but my family know that if I don’t get the time to work, I tend to get snappy!

Is being a writer a gift or a curse?
A gift, without doubt. It’s incredible to live so many lives through my writing.

What was an early experience where you learned that words had power?
When I published my first book, Alone, almost ten years ago now, a reader wrote to me to tell me that the book had given her the strength to leave her abusive relationship. That was pretty incredible.
Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want, write to market so to speak? What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?
I probably do half and half. This is my full-time job, so I have to give the readers what they want, but I like to think I throw my own spin on things. I started writing as a horror/dark fantasy author, and so most of my work has a tinge of darkness to it. The hardest part for me is not getting distracted by shiny new projects. I have so many ideas and I want to write them all!
What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?
Well I write romance and fantasy, so as little as possible! Most of my research tends to be around the locations the books are set.

Tell me about your new release or WIP.
My current project is a RH fantasy series called Chronicles of the Four. It’s a swords and sorcery type fantasy about a girl who can communicate with dragons. Book two, With a Dragon’s Heart, will be out June 28th.

What was your hardest scene to write?
I can’t answer that as it gives a plot point away!

Do your characters talk to you?
Yes, all the time.

Do you plot out your stories or do your character’s voices drive your storyline?
I’m not a plotter. I have a vague idea of things I want to happen, but otherwise the character’s drive the story.

What character in your book is least likely to get along with you?
Probably Warsgra, because he always thinks he’s right.

What would the main character in your book have to say about you?
That I shouldn’t drink so much gin while I’m writing about her!

Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?
No, I don’t think so. I like to reveal everything by the end.

What one thing would you give up if you could become a better writer?
My facebook time!

Does writing energize or exhaust you?
Energize! I love to write!

What is your writing Kryptonite?
Anything bad going on in my personal life. I struggle to connect with the imaginary world if the real world is demanding my attention.

Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?
I try to avoid them, but sometimes it’s hard to do that. The bad ones always stick to me longer than the good ones, but over the years it’s got easier to shrug them off.

Do you Google yourself?

What’s the best way to market your books?
It’s been facebook ads for me. Some people say they do nothing, but I swear by them.

How many hours a day to you spend writing verses marketing your books?
Probably six hours writing, versus one or two hours marketing.

What do your fans mean to you?
Everything! Without them, I wouldn’t be able to write full time, which has always been my dream, so I’m eternally grateful.

What are common traps for aspiring writers?
Thinking they need to employ ‘vanity presses’ in order to self publish.

Does a big ego help or hurt writers?
Hurt. Confidence is good, but an ego is only going to be damaged in the end.
Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
Stephen King at a book signing in London years ago.

What other authors are you friends with, and how do they inspire you to become a better writer?
I have too many to mention (and I daren’t name names as I’ll end up missing someone out).

Read any good books lately?
I just finished The Toy Makers, which was wonderful.

Do you ever sleep?
Absolutely! I need my sleep, or I’m a cranky bitch!

What is your ideal harem? Slow burn or give it to me now baby?
It depends what mood I’m in. I can do either or both!

Care to share the love and give a shout out to another Queen of RH?
The lovely Lily Harlem, who I’ve known for years, and who is the author of the Castaways series – check it out, if you haven’t already!

Thanks for having me!

Marissa. XXX

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