Airplanes on fire, Dimash, Alpha Obsession Book Club & New Releases. Oh my!

Recently, I fell asleep on the plane coming home from a London concert and woke up to people screaming the plane’s on fire as black smoke billowed from the engine and chemical fumes filled the plane.

Fortunately, we were taxiing for takeoff and still on the ground. But, before I boarded that plane I was flagged by security and bomb tested. Oh, and security guy that bomb tested me and my stuff for chemicals was a frumpy grumpy old man with bad breath. Lol

We sat on the plane two hours, before we were told there was a problem with the pilot’s headset and we had to disembark. Two more hours later, I am back in line to board… can you guess what happened? I was again pulled out of line and bomb tested! Oh, the life of a writer and all the crazy things we google surely ended me up in this Ground Hog Day nightmare.

FYI, going to London, the plane to JFK circled for half an hour because all the runways were closed. Our pilot, a true warrior basically said,”well I told Air Traffic Control clean me off a run way or I’ll circle until I run out of fuel and put her down at JFK the hard way. Needless to say they’re cleaning us off a runway.” Total bad ass!

People were screaming as we landed because of the choppy water. They thought we were crashing into the river. I knew the runways at JFK run through the water, so I wasn’t worried about that, rather my thoughts went to sliding off the end of the runway. But our pilot was really good we skidded a few times, but he stopped before the end. All this crap happened within six days. Two airports with emergency vehicles all along the side of our planes was surreal.

I have an idea, maybe I should turn it into a story. What do you think?
So, I guess the plot goes like this:

Sexy pilot guy does a super hero landing during a snowstorm. Now most of us are stranded at the airport bar as everyone crowds around hearing stories of near misses and heroic landings from the pilot. I sit in the corner away from the crowd, but sexy pilot guy kept glancing my way. The next morning the snow still hadn’t let up. the car rental shop only had one car left both sexy pilot and I agree to share…

In reality, with my luck, I’d be stuck at the bar and in a car with frumpy grumpy bad breath bomb security guy. 😀

Was the trip worth it? You betcha! I saw a great friend while in London, the concert was outstanding and I got to party with the band after. I stayed up all night and rushed to my flight…the engine on fire flight. I’ll tell you more about my London trip and our private view at the Louvre from Angelina’s restaurant in Paris next time.

Three things checked off the bucket list: Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and seeing Dimash in concert with Andrew, Ryan and G’Man…priceless.

Check out Dimash on Youtube, a new singer with a six-octave range. Let me know what you think. 🙂
Dimash’ Official YouTube Channel

Dimash singing his heart out in London.

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Dimash on Instagram

The drummer GMan and me.

GMan and me

Andrew Moore and me. Love the hair! (His, not mine)
Dimash Andrew &Me

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Andrew on Instagram

Dimash and me.
dimash and me
I looked like the cat that ate the canary!

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