Queens of RH: L J Swallow

l j swallow Held By Magic
Held by Magic

I helped the Four Horsemen save the world. Now I’m fighting for my life.
The only people who can help me are three powerful and seductive guys who don’t belong in this world–and the Horsemen want them dead.

After the almost-apocalypse, my life as an untrustworthy, half-demon thief returned to normal. But everything changed when my latest job ended in disaster. I’m now cursed with a death mark and, if I don’t find the cure soon, I’m facing life under the control of a demon prince.

Not only that, but three sexy and dangerous supernatural guys have also tracked me down. Powerful but seductive elemental, Cillian. Sharp and guarded wizard, Morgan. Their mysterious and passionate companion, Dex. They need my skills to locate a dangerous magic item, and in return, they’ll help find a cure for my mark. We strike a deal: I’ll help the guys find their precious box if they protect and help me.

Now we’re being pursued by demons, I’m fending off my fae ex-lover, and we’re all trying to stay alive. Even worse, I’m all out of whisky.

And did I mention whoever possesses the dangerous box and its secrets could change the world? I hope this isn’t another apocalypse situation, because I’ve seriously had enough of those this year.

Held by Magic is the first full-length novel in a slow-burn reverse harem urban fantasy series. If you love fast-paced supernatural action, magic, adventure and romance, all led by a kickass heroine with a very British sense of humour, scroll up and one click this book.

This series is set in the world of LJ Swallow’s The Four Horsemen series. However, the storylines and main characters are different, and each series can be read as a standalone.

LJ Swallow is a USA Today bestselling author and alter-ego of bestselling contemporary romance author Lisa Swallow.
Giving in to her dark side, LJ spends time creating worlds filled with supernatural creatures who don’t fit the norm, and heroines who are more likely to kick ass than sit on theirs.


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