Terri Reid

As I sit here at the computer I know I should be writing new chapters for my Vampire Historia a Series of Revelations book, Nicolai’s Fate, or at the very least editing what I have already written, but something else is drawing my away from this very task. My Kindle is calling to me, compelling me to continue reading Terri Reid’s book: Loose Ends – A Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery.
Don’t get me wrong, I love writing, especially Delano the very impetuous star or Nicolai’s book, but Terri Reid’s writing pulls at my mind and even Delano cannot stop the force of Mary O’Reilly. I bought the e-book from Amazon tonight with the intention of doing a little writing and giving it a read in the morning, but once the book hit my Kindle, that plan went out the window. The prologue pulled me in like metal to a magnet, and now I am hooked.   I fear in the morning I shall have bags under my eyes and jealous vampires swimming in my mind demanding to know why I chose to read this delicious book rather than write about them. So without further adieu, I shall curl up with my little e-book and read into the wee hours of the night.

8 thoughts on “Terri Reid

  1. Scarlette – I hope you didn’t lose too much sleep. Please apologize to Delano and the other vampires on my behalf (you just don’t want vampires upset with you.) And thank you for your wonderful blog! Terri


    1. I tell myself that the loss of sleep didn’t affect me; the mirror tells me the truth! Even with dark circles my eyes sparkle at the thought of returning to your novel. With a cup of coffee in hand… my Kindle is calling to me, and I look forward to meeting your wonderful characters once again. Right now Stanley awaits me, and his never ending supply of Office products. 🙂


  2. Funny, I love your work, but I also adore Terri Reid. She’s not only an amazing talent, she’s become a good and dear friend. Every single time a new Mary book comes out, I get lost for a day, much to my families chagrin. Like you’re work I await Terri’s with bated breath. It’s nice to know she can draw someone in like she does me. For me it’s nice to know there are some women out that with the imagination to make other’s smile. It is a rare gift both of you have. Keep writing. I’m a fan.


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